Honda made preliminary public information on the minivan “Jade” scheduled for minor model change in May.

In this Jade model change, we will change the “Jade RS” equipped with the downsizing turbo to two-row five-seater specifications, and add a newly added “Sports Hybrid i-DCD” specification.

Moreover, as “RS only color” “Premium Crystal Orange · Metallic” and black roof specification are added.

The safe driving support system “Honda sensing” is standardized for all types.

Honda’s Jade is a three row seat minivan.

It was sold to China since 2013, but it is also sold in Japan since 2015.

The Japanese specification is the position of a hybrid private car. Specification change took place in 2017.

Honda’s minivan, Jade will be releasing a minor change in May. As far as detailed information is not posted on the leading information site, as soon as the information comes in, this article will also be updated.

Everyone who is planning to change cars, how about an improved new Jade?

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