Porsche released the concept study model “Mission E Cross Tourismo” of the SUV type EV car at the Geneva Motor Show 2018.
Mission E is a model to show that it is a Porsche EV car. In this article we will introduce “Mission E Cross Tourismo” released as a new lineup of Mission E.

■ What is the mission E project?

“Mission E” is the first Porsche EV sports car released for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015.

In December 2015 Porsche declared full-scale commercialization.

In February 2018, we declared to strengthen our production system and also announced a plan to reduce development investment from EUR 3 billion in the initial period to EUR 6 billion.

At the same time, in December 2017 Porsche announced that it would derive Mission E in other segments besides sports car type.

“Mission E Cross Tourismo” announced at the Geneva Motor Show 2018 will be the second model released at the Mission E Project.

Close to “Mission E Cross Tourismo”!

The Porsche chosen as a derivative model of Mission E was the SUV type which has gained popularity in recent years.
As for the beauty of Porsche, we will close on the details of “Mission E Cross Tourismo” released for drivers who want to enrich their lifestyle as well.

“Mission E Cross Tourism” Exterior

First of all, the front part of “Mission E Cross Tourismo” has a front hood that is set low between the fenders that draw large left and right curves. This makes me feel connected with Porsche’s masterpiece sports car “911”.

Next, looking at the body from the side, you can see that “Mission E Cross Tourism” is a long and sharp impression on the front compared with Cayenne and Macan in Porsche.

In addition, blue lines are scattered around everywhere including wheels, front lights, side mirrors.

Looking from the rear part, the “fly line” designed to gently slope from the roof which is the characteristic of Porsche to the back also makes Porsche feel like it.

Of course, you can taste the feeling of opening with the large panoramic roof spreading from the front to the rear according to the purpose of SUV.

The “PORSCHE” logo that shines on the rear uses three-dimensional glass, and it is illuminated with the light of blue as well as the lines treated everywhere.

“Mission E Gran Turismo” interior

Next I will introduce the interior.
As with the mission E, the 4 seater indoor seat is a lightweight seat divided into two, and the blue seat belt is accented.

Monitoring of the liquid crystal display, in cooperation with the smartphone application Porsche offers, it is possible to decide the destination etc. beforehand.

Porsche drones can hold a great view of the destination

In addition, in the concept car also the figure of the drone of the Porsche logo loaded in the car.
This drone seems to fly away from the car by a touch panel operation and to have a beautiful view.

Porsche “Mission E Cross Tourism” Forecasted basic specifications

Mission E The basic specifications predicted by Cross Tourism are as follows.

■ Total Length:
4950 mm Width 1990 mm

Installed with 2 motors.
As with the mission E, the power train is equipped with two motors, showing high performance of maximum output 600 ps, 0-100 km / h acceleration 3.5 seconds, 0-200 km / h acceleration within 12 seconds.

■ Inductive charging (non-contact charging) is possible.
For example, by embedding charging equipment on the floor, charging can be done just by parking.

■ Adopting a 800 V battery system that is twice the size of conventional EV vehicles Although
ordinary EV vehicles are 400 V, twice the battery system will be adopted


From Porsche EV car Mission E, in addition to the 4-door sports car this time SUV has joined the lineup.

Commercially aimed for 2019-2020, I am looking forward to marketing it.

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