On Instagram, Elon Musk has announced the launch of the first-ever Tesla Semi delivery . Loaded with batteries, the two electric trucks traveled 400 kilometers between the Gigafactory in Nevada and the Fremont factory in California.

With 480 and 800 kilometers of range announced, both versions of the Tesla Semi probably made the maiden voyage in one go. The weight -lourds set off the Gigafactory, the Tesla battery production plant located at 1200 meters altitude in Nevada, towards the Fremont site in California, where products are the vehicles of the brand . An itinerary of just over 400 kilometers that the trucks have certainly traveled without anxiety, taking advantage of a very favorable altitude for the regeneration of energy.

Tesla is his own biggest customer

Tesla signs its first commercial journey, the firm will indeed be its own customer before the planned marketing in 2019. The manufacturer will use massively its Semi between the two factories of Nevada and California. He will then have to honor the many pre-orders and in particular the most important: that of 100 copies passed by PepsiCo.

The Palo-Alto company also promised to install a network of mega-chargers capable of returning approximately 640 km of autonomy to its electric trucks in 30 minutes. Installations particularly complex since they will deliver phenomenal power, the battery of the long-life version of the Semi could indeed be around 1,000 kWh.

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