Have you ever experienced a driver who seems like he wants to bash your car at every opportunity they get? This set of drivers make driving more discomforting. However, there are ways you can handle this drivers often referred to as tailgaters

Slow down on the straight sections of road.
When traveling on a road that is winding and curving significantly and only has one lane in either direction, chances are there will not be a lot of places for someone to pass you safely.

When you reach a straight piece of road and passing is allowed, slow down. Give your tailgater a chance to pass you and get ahead of you before the next winding section.

If it helps, you can even move over slightly to signal to the car behind you that they’re welcome to pass.

If another driver attempts to pass you on an unsafe part of the road, slow down. If they get into trouble, they may instinctively swerve back into your lane and hit you.

Maintain a constant speed.
Tailgaters may be stuck behind you because your speed is inconsistent and they may not feel it’s safe to pass you. Keep your speed as constant as possible so the tailgater has a chance to judge if it’s safe to pass you.

If your car is equipped with cruise control, this is a great time to take advantage of it.
Don’t purposely change your speed just to annoy the person who is tailgating you. This may only end up inflaming the situation and causing an accident.

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