After 2018, I am summarizing Mercedes-Benz’s new model & new car & model change information which is predicted / expected to be released in 2019 and 2020. Is there a single piece you care about? If you like Mercedes Benz, it is a must-see

What is worrisome is new model cars to be released in the future, model change information.

Of course, this year, and after that, the new model car that is worrisome is pushing.

In this article, we are summarizing the new model that we want to expect with Mercedes-Benz new model & full power that we are planning to release after 2018 which we know now.

Do you have any name you like or care about?

Mercedes Benz CLS New model

CLS New model / Mercedes-Benz

It is announced that Mercedes · Benz CLS will make a full model change and will start selling in March, 2018.

The base price in Germany is 68,127 euros (about 9.1 million yen).

The in-line six cylinder mild hybrid model will appear with this full model change.

Mercedes Benz A Class New model

A class new type / Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz announced the new “A Class” on 2 February in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The current A class will be fully remodeled for the first time in about 6 years and the 4th generation model will appear.

You can see that the new model is refining the quality and comfort while maintaining youthfulness and dynamic character.

The new A class front mask reflects the new language “CLS coupe” and other design languages introduced in recent Mercedes Benz. We incorporate the latest LED technology in headlights and tail lamps. The Cd value which shows air resistance is 0.25 and pursues aerodynamic performance.

It is estimated that the release date will be March in Europe and Japan in the fall of 2018.

Mercedes Benz G Class New model

G Class New Type / Mercedes Benz

At the Detroit Motor Show 2018, a new “G class” that will be the first model change in about 40 years was released.
The base price in Germany is € 107,040 (about 14.55 million yen). We plan to start selling in June.

One of the features of the new G class is the substantial weight saving.

According to Mercedes-Benz, by introducing composite materials, etc., we are achieving weight reduction of up to 170 kg as compared with the previous generation.

Mercedes Benz B Class New model

B Class New / Mercedes Benz

It is rumored that Mercedes’ compact MPV “B Class” next model will appear in 2018.

For the new body to be renewed, we adopted the latest generation “MFA” on the platform, realizing light weight and high rigidity.

Moreover, it becomes roof like Mercedes-Benz ‘A class’, you can see that the roof end is rounded and it is transforming from the MPV-like style to the hatchback side. Also the taillight seems to be a more compact design.

Mercedes Benz GLS New model

GLS Class New Type / Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz’s flagship crossover SUV “GLS” Next generation type is said to be announced within 2018.

“GLS” is Mercedes’ highest class SUV renamed according to the face lift of “GL”. It is called “first class SUV” from the appearance and luxury nature. The next model will surely become a car that is suitable for the name of GLS.

By adopting the new platform “MHA” in the next model, we will try to reduce the weight contrary to the expansion of the body. This “MHA” is scheduled to be adopted also for the next “GLE” younger brother.

Mercedes Benz GLE New model

Mercedes Benz GLE Next term type rendering CG

Mercedes Benz’s middle class crossover SUV “GLE” is rumored to appear as the most off-road colorful design in the past.

“GLE” debuted as “M Class” in 1997. When the 3rd generation that appeared in 2011 comes face-lift in 2015, it was renamed “GLE”.

The world premiere is said to be powerful in autumn 2018, which is 21 years since its release.

Mercedes Benz V Class New type

V Class New / Mercedes Benz

The Mercedes-Benz V class is a passenger car registration minivan based on a commercial vehicle. It is said that this V class will be refraining from model change soon.

The exterior modified by the improved model is predicted to be refreshed in the tail light and the rear bumper though head light graphics, bumper air intake shape, and this initial prototype have not yet started.

In addition, through the front impersonation net, the logo of the large triple pointed star which increased its presence is transparently visible.

The world premiere is supposed to be influential in fall of 2018

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