E fuel economy award” is a ranking of actual fuel consumption and catalog fuel efficiency achievement rate based on actual fuel consumption data corresponding to about 1,000,000 lubrication information annually posted by users on e fuel efficiency, and outstanding numerical values are output We will honor the car. It was the 12th time this time it was held.

This year, “e-fuel efficiency award 2017-2018” targeted for vehicles sold by February 2018, “Comprehensive category” “New model car category” “Gasoline vehicle category” “Hybrid car division” “Minicars category” ” The import car category “,” Catalog fuel efficiency achievement rate category “,” Diesel car category “Total of eight excellent cars were announced.

The top ten models of excellent models of each division are released in ranking format.

Because it is based on the fuel efficiency information actually posted by the user rather than the “JC 08 mode” of the catalog value which deviates from the actual fuel consumption, it can see the result with very realistic.

This time we would like to look at the “comprehensive department”, “new model car category”, “minicars category” and “catalog fuel efficiency achievement rate category” which are worrisome among the eight departments.

Toyota Prius ranked number one in the overall division.
A Prius that is not an exaggeration to say as a synonym of a car with good fuel economy. In terms of fuel economy it can be said to be a fixed champion.

Then Suzuki Alto ranked second.
This figure is brilliant though it is not a hybrid model.
In light cars, Hustler also ranks in, Suzuki has become an excellent result.

Nissan notes running in the top sales unit in the passenger car division resulted in 10th place.

The comprehensive sector has resulted in 7 mainstream hybrid vehicles recently.
A hybrid model that improves fuel economy while making good use of gasoline is also good fuel economy as well.

However, it is a little surprising that the fuel consumption achievement rate compared with the JC 08 mode fuel economy is about 60% even for cars that are in the ranking.

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