As you can see, the braking system is fundamental for the correct operation of your vehicle. Therefore, it is important that you take special care for them and take into account:

Change the brake fluid at least every 18 months, as it is a liquid that degrades over time.

The parking brake (or parking brake) IS NOT AN EMERGENCY BRAKE . This brake should only be used when parking the vehicle, as it is not strong enough to guarantee that the vehicle will stop moving .

Do not use any type of brake fluid. Only use the ones indicated in the owner’s manual of the car.

Check the condition of the pastes, discs, bands and bells every year in specialized places.

The brake fluid should always be above the minimum level required, and should not change its level abruptly from one day to the next. If this happens it should be checked immediately because there may be a leak in the system.

If you detect any abnormality in the brakes of your car, consult it in a specialized service center.

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