Local time March 28 The organizer of World Car of the Year (WCOTY) announced that BMW M 5 was awarded World Performance Car 2018 at the Geneva Motor Show 2018. This article will introduce 2 other kinds remaining in the final screening of the World Performance Car 2018.

The World Performance Car is an award for choosing “the model with the best power performance” from the new model car debuted from the fall of 2016 to the fall of 2017.

Conditions for selection are continued to produce and sell until the spring of 2018, and it is conditioned that it is sold at more than two continents in the world. World performance cars are chosen by voting by 70 motor journalists over 20 countries worldwide

The “M5” is a BMW product
with a V-type 8 cylinder engine, the maximum output is 411 kw (600 PS) / 6,000 rpm, the maximum torque is 750 N · m (76.5 kgf · m) / 1,800 5, 600 rpm.

The main unit price is 1,730,000 yen, boasting the highest output and torque among the three models left in the selection, but the price is also the highest price among the three models.

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