US Toyota sells Toyota USA for the first time on the preview event of the 2018 New York Motor Show held in the United States on March 27 (Japan time March 28), the first model “RAV 4” was first released.

The new RAV 4 adopts a new platform based on Toyota’s structural reform of car creation, “TNGA” (Toyota New Global Architecture).

It is said that the development was carried out with the aim of improving fuel economy performance and high steering stability and running performance while trying to increase the rigidity and low center of gravity of the body.

In addition to increasing the wide stance of the body and increasing the diameter of the tire (19 inches) by adopting the platform based on the idea of TNGA, the appearance, pursuing a powerful styling like SUV with a minimum ground clearance higher than the current type .

The body size of the new RAV 4 is 4595 mm in total length, 1855 mm in full width, 1700 mm in total height, 2690 mm in wheel base.

Compared to the current model, the total length and overall height are reduced by 5 mm, the overall width is 10 mm wide, the wheel base is extended by 30 mm.

For the powertrain of the new RAV 4, we prepared a direct injection 2.5 liter inline 4-cylinder gasoline engine “Dynamic Force” with TNGA installed.

It combines with “direct shift” of 8 speed AT.

For the advanced grade of gasoline vehicles, we adopted the newly developed 4WD system “Dynamic Torque Vectoring AWD” for the first time.

In addition, by installing a torque vectoring mechanism that optimally controls the left and right driving forces of the front and rear and rear wheels, it is said to demonstrate excellent handling stability and traction performance during cornering and rough road driving.

The interior pursues functionality and quality that recalls real SUV.

With a horizontal keynote instrument panel and a wide and rugged center console, we realize a comfortable and secure space that combines good visibility and knee holdability.

By arranging soft pads not only on rigid material that feels like SUV but also on parts where people’s hands and bodies are easily touched, we made it a sharp structure based on functionality.

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