Volkswagen announced “Atlas Cross Sports Concept” at the preview event of New York Motor Show 2018 held in the United States on March 27.

Atlas was announced at the Los Angeles Motor Show 2016 in the fall of 2016. Atlas is a three row seat SUV belonging to the middle class in the United States.

Atlas was developed based on the Volkswagen Group’s new generation modular chassis, “MQB”.

The body size of the Atlas is 5037 mm in total length, 1979 mm in full width, 1768 mm in total height. It is the largest size as a Volkswagen car sold in the US market.

With this effect, we have enough room space for seven adults to board.

The “Atlas Cross Sports Concept”, which was first released at the preview event of the New York Motor Show 2018, is one that proposes a two row seat SUV coupe based on this atlas.

Although it is a concept car, it has been mass-produced in Chattanooga Plant in Tennessee, USA from 2019 and decided to be sold on the market.

In the Atlas Cross Sports concept, the overall length was reduced by approximately 190 mm while the wheel base was common size with the atlas.

A sporty look with a roof line like the coupe is pursued. The latest LED technology is introduced in the headlights and tail lamps.

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