Maybe we all remember the following phrase. Our driving teachers, parents or friends repeated it to us again and again when, in our youth, we tried to accelerate for the first time a vehicle “Remember to drive on the defensive”. Even many still practice it without knowing that this style of driving is more dangerous and prone to traffic accidents.

So, what to do? Every day we see imprudent drivers, who accelerate more than the account, who make dangerous overpasses, who sneak into the line or who do not stop or put the directionals . The common reaction seems obvious: defend yourself, shout, insult. But as natural as it seems, this is not the best solution.

Although defensive driving is a driving technique known throughout the world, the current traffic mechanics of our cities means that, beyond the defense, there is an appeal for prevention. Collapsed streets, unbearable traffic, climate changes that go from the most intense heat to the most unexpected rains make that the routes of many drivers have become heavier, slower and more difficult and, therefore, assume a defensive behavior – attack that It generates stress , fatigue and violent reactions with others.

Defending yourself is an act that involves feeling or being attacked by someone. In the exercise of driving (considered a dangerous act by the National Traffic Code)
Advantages of preventive driving.

When you remove the desire to defend yourself (traffic, pedestrians, motorcyclist, cyclist, taxi, bus, dump truck and others) you have a different kind of driving and much more effective: preventive driving .

Preventive driving is based on a fundamental premise “anticipate everything, wait for everything, suppose everything”. The preventive driver “reads” what happens on the road and acts accordingly.

This is how a preventive driver analyzes, thinks, makes concrete decisions based on his safety and that of the other agents on the road. He is a prudent driver, tolerant, respectful of traffic rules, courteous and respectful of others and with an almost absolute control of his emotions. It is a person who makes driving a pleasant experience for himself, who is attentive to everything that happens around him, which avoids distractions that may put him in danger, which can “interpret” the next maneuvers (risky or not) of his fellow passengers.

The injunctions of the preventive driver

  1. Think safe.
  2. Stay alert
  3. Does not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol .
  4. Assume that anything can happen.
  5. Avoid aggression when driving.
  6. It takes into account the weather when driving and minimize risks.
  7. Remain calm and calm in their recourse.
  8. He does not take unnecessary risks.
  9. He is attentive to the surroundings.
  10. Monitor the state of the vehicle constantly.
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