ferrari 212 inter 1952

A Ferrari 212 Inter from 1952 is currently on sale in the United States for the sum of 1.3 million euros. A unique pedigree car that marks the end of an era for road Ferrari.

This Ferrari 212 Inter, which was bought by the Argentine president in 1952, receives an unusual painting for a car of the Italian brand.

This is a car that should interest old Ferrari lovers ! This Ferrari 212 Inter has indeed a history and a level of conservation quite unique , which make it a real rarity.

Presented at the Paris Salon of 1952, this car was bought by Juan Peron, who was then president of Argentina. It was then bought by an Italian living in Buenos Aires, then was sold in 1987 to its third owner.

ferrari 212 inter 1952

In 1990, she was completely restored to her original appearance and later received numerous awards, including a second place at Pebble Beach in 2002.

The last before the lineage of the 250

Evolution of the 195 Inter , 212 Inter takes the same V12 designed by Gioacchino Colombo , but whose capacity has been increased to nearly 2.6 liters. The developed power is 150 hp and can reach 185 km / h in maximum speed.

Like the previous Ferrari series, the 212 Inter was shaped by several coachbuilders , including Vignale and Ghia.

It was however one of the last models of the brand in this case, since Pininfarina, who collaborated for the first time with Ferrari on some copies of 212 Inter, was later the preferred craftsman for the design of the road cars of the mark with prancing horse.

ferrari 212 inter 1952

But, if the 212 Inter remains the first Ferrari to have benefited from the care of Pininfarina on part of its production, the copy that interests us today is adorned with a unique bodywork by Ghia . This further enhances its appeal in the collection.

This model is currently on sale by Hemmings in the United States, priced at $ 1,595,000, or about 1.3 million euros.

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