Someone seems to announce a rival of Tesla Model X every day, and now there is another called the Byton concept. Announced at CES in Las Vegas and a project by former employees of Apple and BMW, the new electric crossover seems very interesting outside. Inside, however, he promises to deliver a truly innovative experience.

Byton Concept: design

On the surface, the Byton concept is rather discreet. Of course, the headlights look like a strange nest of LED chains, but apart from these, the Byton looks very much like a production car. In our eyes, it looks a bit like a Range Rover with a pinch of BMW, and a fair amount of – well, all the other SUVs on the market today.

Byton Concept: performance and specifications

We do not yet know the performance specifications of the Byton concept, but BBC News says it goes from 0-60mph to about 5 seconds. This makes it slightly slower than the X model.

Byton Concept: interior technology

Enter the new concept of Byton, and you are greeted with a vast infotainment screen. At 49 inches wide, it must be the largest screen we’ve seen in a car so far, and it overshadows the 17-inch screen that you’ll find in both the Tesla Model X and Model S.

Byton calls this mega-screen a “shared experience display” which basically means it’s so big, everyone in the car can see it. The infotainment screens are getting bigger and bigger, but Byton’s setup looks like something you would see in a level 5 freestyle car, where driving and using the car is secondary to the entertainment of the passengers.

As you might expect, the concept is also important for speech recognition, touch control and hand gestures, but Byton says there will also be persistent physical buttons. Interestingly, the new electric SUV also has a facial recognition to recognize the driver and passengers.

According to Byton, this means that doors can be unlocked at a glance, but it can be assumed that driver profiles can also be saved and loaded, depending on who is behind the wheel. The iPhone X has shown that facial recognition is not as foolproof as it was originally thought, so it will be interesting to see if it is included in Byton production vehicles.

The concept of the interior is “seamless” because Byton aims to continue the digital experience you get at home, in your car. Of course, services like Apple CarPlay are trying to do it now, Byton’s concept is to do it on a much larger and more encompassing scale.

Byton says the concept is ready for level 4 standalone capacity, and it will also be streaming 1000 Mbit / s with embedded programmable SIM cards, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC.

We will update this article when we know more about the Byton concept and company plans for future production vehicles.

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