The question arises more and more when choosing a new car: should we switch to the hybrid? Answer with this match of small SUVs between the Toyota C-HR Hybrid and the new Volkswagen T-Roc petrol 1.5 TSI.

toyota chr hybrid rear view

Toyota has succeeded with the C-HR : its small SUV sold 16,357 copies in France in 2017, beyond the goal of the brand. Second satisfaction for the world leader in hybridization, 90% of sales of the C-HR are hybrid , leaving crumbs to 1.2 gasoline version Turbo. A great success that the C-HR owes to its perfect timing: for two years, it responds to two themes currently most popular in the automobile: SUV and hybrid.

SUV, the new Volkswagen T-Roc is certainly and it is positioned as the little brother of the Tiguan . It is even more urban than the C-HR with its compact size: 4.23 m against 4.36 m for Japanese. On the other hand, there is no hybrid engine for the German carburettor with an unconvincing diesel engine and a range of three petrol blocks (115, 150 and 190 hp). The T-Roc 1.5 TSI 150 hp is the most popular and therefore perfect to oppose the C-HR Hybrid.

vans volkswagen t roc carat 1.5 TSI 150

All tastes are in nature and it is clear that the C-HR leaves no one indifferent with its cut SUV look and its salient features that seem to come straight out of a Japanese manga. The T-Roc plays a more consensual card while bringing a note of fantasy in the serious Volkswagen range with its bright colors, its detached roof and its interior that can be colored. Shifted against classic: everyone will find here

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