Aston Martin will soon unveil its first SUV, derived from the DBX concept, introduced a few years ago. The details on the craft begin to emerge. The English luxury family vehicle will be entitled only to gasoline engines, Aston Martin cutting short any possibility of hybridization or electric.

Aston Martin: the SUV will have no diesel or rechargeable hybrid

The luxury SUV segment is experiencing unprecedented growth. The march initiated by Bentley and the Bentayga is emulated: Aston Martin , Lamborghini , Maserati, Rolls-Royce and soon Ferrari will all have such a model in their catalog. Unthinkable a few years ago but now a reality, the SUV has become unavoidable for absolutely everyone.

At Aston, the SUV will soon be available to customers. And while the annunciator concept, the DBX, embarked on a 100% electric engine, the series model will have, he, right only to gasoline engines, as confirmed by our colleagues Autocar.

This is not really a surprise since Aston Martin is not necessarily ready to launch a fully electric vehicle on the market. The development of such models is time consuming, and Aston Martin is in a recovery phase as a result of its partnership with AMG.

Aston Martin has also ruled out the possibility of a diesel or plug-in hybrid SUV, while the latter should be adopted by Ferrari and Lamborghini in the future, and Bentley has already selected it on the Bentayga.

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