If the Infiniti Q50 has been an avant-garde car with its “by wire” direction, it is also quite conservative since it is based on a platform (evolved, certainly), almost 20 years old. An antiquity that will retire since the Japanese manufacturer has confirmed that it was the end of transmissions back for the future.

Programmed end of Infiniti rear transmission

Casually, the current platform Infiniti sedans blames the weight of years. This is the famous Nissan FM platform , used by most Nissan and Infiniti rear-wheel drive cars. The group will however make a change for the next generations, as confirmed by the vice president of product strategy at Infiniti, François Bancon.

The man explains that most of the next Infiniti models will be electrified, and that there would be no point in staying in rear transmission on cars that will have a thermal engine for the front and an electric for the rear. Clearly, all future Infiniti productions will be four-wheel drive, which puts an end to the powertrain sedans we are currently experiencing.

A configuration that is becoming increasingly rare, manufacturers favoring integral transmissions on high-end models. And with the arrival of electric motors, it’s a safe bet that front and rear-drive cars will be rarer than ever before.

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