Citroen announced on 3rd April that it will set an improved new model in the “C1” of the brand entry compact car. Citroen C1 is one that can be said to be an introduction car of Citroen. In this article, we will deliver the latest information on Citroen C1 modified new model.

Citroen announced the new C1 at the Geneva Motor Show 2014 in the spring of 2014.

C1 belongs to the European A segment and is a compact car that plays the role of Citroen’s entry car.

A joint venture company of Toyota Motor Corporation and PSA Group jointly developed in 2005.

Also, at the Geneva Motor Show 2014, the new Citroën C1 was announced at the same time, the new Toyota “Aigo”, Peugeot “107” successor “108”.

While sharing the basic mechanism, 3 cars are wearing the exclusive body of each brand.

color, adoption of Citroen’s new emblem, etc.

The interior will expand the choice of customization options that can reflect the personality of the user.

C1 Improvement New type of power train has been updated with new engine, etc.

In addition, it has the latest generation Euro 6 engine.

Toyota’s 1.0-liter in-line three-cylinder gasoline engine has enhanced its maximum output from 68 hp to 72 hp and improved exhaust gas performance.

Citroen has announced an improved model of C1 Urban Ride in addition to the C1 improved new model.

C1 Urban Ride is based on C1, raising the car height by 15 mm, SUV made possible some off-road driving.

The front and rear treads are enlarged by 10 mm. Resin made fender extensions and front and rear bumper skid plates etc were also installed, expressing SUV taste.

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