BMW has partnered with Engie to offer a green electricity offer at an attractive price. What to make his car even greener

An eco car is good. But it’s even better if it moves with energy itself. That’s what BMW wants to offer its customers. German has partnered with Engie , the leading green electricity supplier in France.

For Engie, the term green electricity means that it is committed to buying the equivalent of the amount of electricity consumed by the customer in electricity “produced from a renewable energy source and injected into the grid”.

With this partnership, BMW allows its customers to have green electricity at half-price during off-peak hours with six months of subscription offered. This requires a subscription to Engie Elec’Car 3 years.

This concerns the 100% electric i3 model , but also the iPerformance rechargeable hybrid cars and the C Evolution scooter. Those who already have a BMW like this can also enjoy it. The good news is that cheaper electricity benefits the whole house.

Engie has set up a dedicated telephone line for BMW customers to evaluate the impact of the vehicle on the overall consumption of the home.

In addition, for those who have a BMW i charging station installed, Engie offers an electricity insurance service on the electrical installation of the home for six months.

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