After a first failed test attempt last year due to problems with excessive speed limits on the Seine (12 km / h) and home port prices, the cars flying on the Seine will do well tests in the Seine. some days.

For many, the Seine is a way of decongesting Paris . Today, there are bus boats but the idea of some is to make it a real traffic lane.

This is the challenge of Alain Thébault, navigator and founder of the company that develops the Seabubbles. As a reminder, the Seabubbles are 100% electric vehicles that can carry 5 people who have the distinction of “flying” on the water, a bit like some catamarans.

After designing a first prototype, the company based near Lake Geneva in Switzerland has built a second generation more successful thanks to the participation of eight experts of the America Cup boat race.

Their know-how has led to the development of a gear stabilization system thanks to electric controls that operate on a small scale. A device close to the technology used on some competition boats.

After a break, the project seems to have a good start. Thus, in mid-April, the Seabubbles will land in Paris for a five-week probate transfer from May to June. The start-up will be able to sail at 18 or 20 km / h, depending on the sections used. What to get an idea of the viability of the project for a big city like Paris.

At the same time, Seabubbles is continuing its tests in the Rade de Genève. If all goes well, a hundred Seabubbles should be available for pre-order by the end of the summer, for first deliveries in the first half of 2019. The price of these machines should be unveiled in mid-June in Paris

Watch video below

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