When referring to Tesla, a question inevitably comes up; what about the production capacity? Between the promises of the big boss Elon Musk and the reality, the margin is not often thin, which fills the basket of arguments of the detractors of the company which has given itself mission to transform the automotive industry.

The question could be discussed at length without reaching a clear consensus. Tesla is not unanimous. It’s like that. However, we can focus on the facts and report them when the firm signs good moves. Or when she makes fat cabbage …

In this case, the news is encouraging. Since March 2016, when consumers have been given the green light to pay the company $ 1000 to book a Model 3, the long-awaited race course was not easy. Delays, doubts and reservations about its quality of construction, among others, have undermined its already fragile reputation.

This week, however, there was good news to put in their mouths; production had just reached the cruising speed of 2,000 units a week. This is significant considering that Tesla currently assembles 4000 vehicles weekly, including Model S and Model X.

“Reaching the goal of 2000 cars a week for Model 3 has been very difficult, but we are finally here.”

– Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO

The visionary was even sure that the Freemont plant was able to “easily outnumber this number over a seven-day period” by suggesting that the 2000 figure might have been achieved through a exceptionally productive day in the week. It is understandable that by multiplying this kind of return, the ambitions could be exceeded.

According to some sources, employees involved in the manufacture of the Model S and Model X could reinforce the chain responsible for laying the Model 3.

The next goal of the company is 2500 units every seven days.

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