Take a good look at this Volkswagen Golf car.

I captured this photograph along the expressway as we were stuck in traffic.

Take a look at the boot and see the large angry cow forcefully bent into two in order to fit into the small boot of the small car obviously not made to carry such loads.

Already the car has lots of loads and other passengers inside it weighing the car down and topped off with the hefty cow.

I wonder how much the driver of this car intended to make from this trip. If you look closely you will see that the horns of the cow had smashed the rear windscreen of the car completely now just leaving a hole through which the horns could fit in.

Imagine that on motion or even while standing still the cow breaks the material used to secure it, what will happen to the occupants of the car and the potential consequences that can spill over to other road users.

This boils down to the following questions;

1. How much gain will he make after replacing the broken windscreen?

2. How much will he spend to wash his car after this trip?

3. How much will he spend to fix other damages that could have occurred such as weakening of the suspension system?

4. If the cow breaks free, can the driver and the occupants survive the consequences of a potential car crash that also could potentially affect other road users?

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