The automobile industry since its emergence in 1886 has been at the forefront of cutting edge technological advancements.

Almost on a daily basis, there are new features or improvements to existing features being added to cars (of different types).

Some of the features are;

Android OS

Blue-tooth capabilities

Reverse camera

Parking Sensors

Satellite Navigation

Bumps Detection

19 Cupholders in one car (meanwhile the car can’t seat 19 people).

Personally, one feature i do not like doing without is a sharp view reverse camera among others.

But the consumers seem not so in-tune with some of these features and capabilities.

At a press event unveiling a new vehicle in Lagos sometime ago, i challenged the sales manager why they don’t import models with the same features as obtainable in some other countries and he told me that many of their clients do not fully utilize most of the features in the cars they buy from them so there was no need for them to keep selling such cars.

Do you think Nigerians fully utilize the features / capabilities in / of their cars?


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