The KBA, the federal authority of the automotive sector in Germany, suspects Daimler to have implanted illegal software in thousands of diesel Mercedes.

Daimler in turmoil. KBA, Germany’s federal automotive authority, has ordered the recall of many Mercedes Vitos powered by 1.6-liter Euro-6 diesel engines due to the presence of a pollutant control mechanism that violates she, the regulations.

According to “Bild am Sonntag”, 40,000 Vito and 80,000 Class C vehicles are suspected of being equipped with illegal emissions handling software. According to the same media, Daimler has already submitted a software update to the authorities.

120,000 cars suspected, 600,000 involved?

The weekly ‘Der Spiegel’ specifies that the fraud could not be confined to these 120,000 vehicles since more than 600,000 diesel cars, including Mercedes C- Class and G-Class models , could indeed be affected.Case to follow

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