On the front of the stage and with honors. To celebrate the Italian Republic as every June 2, since 1948. And it is always the Flaminia Prezidentiale who is in the limelight. What a paradox to see the Flaminia tipo 355 in the spotlight while the brand Lancia seems doomed to disappear. Admittedly, Ypsilon is still sold in Italy and Lancia panels hung alongside Fiat or Alfa. But the last Marchionne plan gives no place to the Turin brand. So this flaminia with a haughty appearance is enough to make regret the setting aside of the firm founded in 1906 by Vicenzo Lancia.

In 1960, the announced visit of Queen Elizabeth II is at the origin of the project “Flaminia Prezidentiale”. The president at the time, Giovanni Gronchi, asked Pininfarina to prepare four limousines to renew the existing presidential fleet. Built in record time -6 months-, these four Lancia are dark blue seven-seater landaulets with Black Connolly leather upholstery. Called Flaminia 335, because of their wheelbase of 335 cm, these limousines are also called Presidenziale or Quirinale, named after the residence of the President of the Italian Republic. Each car has a name Belsito, Belmonte, Belvedere and Belfiore.

The four Lancia were restored by Fiat Auto in 2001 and two of them are on display in museums, at the Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile, and at the Museo Storico della Motorizzazione Militare. The two other Flaminia still in service, Belfiore and Belsito, take part in solemn demonstrations, such as the procession of the Republic Day on 2 June

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