Reversal of situation! After having weighed Tesla by pointing the braking of the Model 3, Consumer Reports has completely changed its tune this week. Better yet, the consumer magazine recommends in the end the new sedan of the manufacturer.

What has happened in the meantime? Consumer Reports has more or less followed the recommendations of Elon Musk. Remember in this regard that the leader had previously stated that the magazine had conducted its tests with a vehicle from the first series produced. Suggesting that he test the vehicle again after a software update.

On May 21, Consumer Reports – a very popular magazine in the United States – while claiming to appreciate the Model 3 in many respects, however, noted “major flaws” preventing it from granting it its valuable label. In laughable terms , the magazine even estimated that the braking distance of the Model 3 was greater than that of a pick-up.

Elon Musk then promised a quick update of the software controlling the braking. Handsome prince, Consumer Reports had said he would be ready to perform tests again on the vehicle. While remaining skeptical … and even ironic … “” If Tesla can update the brakes through the airwaves – a first in the industry – we would be happy to retest our Model 3, “said Jake Fisher, Director of Automotive Testing at Consumer Reports. Doubt very strongly that a software version can have an action on the braking of the vehicle.

But now Consumer Reports acknowledges the change. Better still, he says now that the braking distance has been improved by almost six meters.

“I really appreciate the critical feedback from @ConsumerReports. We also took care of noise and comfort on the road, “Musk tweeted.

Meanwhile the Tesla stock climbed 3.26%, trading at $ 293.01 following the announcement.

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