The new Bugatti Chiron is more than a simple evolution of the Bugatti Veyron , although on paper that is precisely what it seems, since both use the same recipe: complete construction in carbon and a Dantesque engine of 16 cylinders in W supercharged thanks to 4 turbochargers.

They are practically identical on the technical level, so the few technical differences are going to be found in two areas: design and performance. While the most powerful version, the Veyron Super Sport, delivered 1,200 hp and 1,500 Nm of torquemaximum, the new Chiron raises this performance to 1,500 hp and 1,600 Nm of torque. What they suppose nothing less than 300 horses and 100 Nm of difference between both.

But how much faster is the new Chiron against its direct predecessor? , which also has not yet surpassed in maximum speed, because while the Veyron SS managed to obtain the official speed record for a production car with a maximum speed of 431,072 km / h, all Chiron units are electronically limited to 420 km / h.

As we have said before , Bugatti still does not want to make a record attempt with the new Chiron, which means a maximum speed of over 460 km / h . So for now, we can only compare them theoretically, or in an acceleration duel.

This footage is not particularly attractive, because not only the resolution of the image is very low, but it has been recorded with a single camera located at the exit of several quarter-mile races (a full-fledged drag-race), by what we can not see in detail the course but the exit and very distant, the arrival of both models. And therefore the difference between both. Will the new Chiron be much faster than the Veyron SS? .

We do not want to eviscerate the result, but we anticipate that the difference between both models is not the expected one . According to what seems to be seen in the video, they are more even than you would expect.

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