Di Grassi Evans wins Zurich’s first ePrix. Bird is close to the championship after a black weekend for Vergne.

Formula E arrives in Switzerland, in Zurich. But, this is not done without difficulty. It must be said that the circuit will block some of the hyper-center and that Formula E does not convince everyone on its “green” side. However, the stands were mounted in recycled wood, the date was moved to Sunday (usually Saturday) to interfere as little as possible.

The circuit, well, how to say. Rather straight, it has 11 turns mostly at right angles. By cons, two straight lines, one with a pin should help to overcome.

In qualifying, Evans is the fastest in the groups. He leads D’Ambrosio, Lopez, Loterrer and Bird. Di Grassi misses the top 5 (super pole) for 6 hundredths. On the other hand, it is Vergne who is totally planted.

17th time for the leader of the championship. Obviously there was a concern about the pressures of the tires. Vergne does not make the task easy while he only has to control to be titled in 3 events!

In super pole, Evans confirms. He signed his first career pole. He is ahead of Loterrer, Bird, D’Ambrosio and Lopez.

Evans does not miss and keeps his head. Behind, was a bit of a rat race and it is Abt who pays the price. Piquet gets in and turns his rear wing. If the latter is a bit anecdotal here, Abt must go back to his stand to be replaced.

Lotterer is playing his teammate Vergne while being second to Bird. Speaking of Vergne, he is quickly 12th, after 8 out of 39 rounds. He has to tap into his first drumkit but that’s the price to pay to not miss the points.

Tower 9, abandonment of Mortara. Vergne is unleashed! He passes Lynn and then Heidfeld quickly. The Techeetah is very fast. After a quarter of a race, we have Evans, Lotterer, Bird, Di Grassi, Buemi, D’Ambrosio, Lopez, Rosenqvist, Prost and Vergne getting into the points. The leader of the championship is impressive!

What is even more impressive is that he did not type in his battery eventually. It is much faster today. Di Grassi passes Bird on the 13th lap. That also helps Vergne. He then passes Lotterer harassing him for several turns. Meanwhile, Vergne has passed Prost and is 9th.

In one round, Di Grassi returned to Evans. He wants to go for the victory. But what an overtaking of Vergne! Rosenqvist tries to resist Vergne under braking and finishes in the barrier! Vergne is 8th. Di Grassi takes the lead of the race as we approach mid-race and we are in traffic. D’Ambrosio went through Vergne who can go and get Lopez now. Buemi him, passed Bird.

And it’s a full race yellow. A rear wing is on the track, probably that of Rosenqvist and Vergne is passed on top. Leaders will take the opportunity to change cars. Very bad “refueling” for Techeetah and Vergne. The car refused to leave at the right time and there are 2 lost places.

Green flag. There are 19 laps remaining. The race takes place in a small train. On lap 24, Vergne finally passes Prost. In front, Di Grassi is 2 seconds ahead of Evans. He himself has 2 seconds on Lotterer, who himself has 2 seconds on Buemi.

Lotterer returns to Evans. He still has 10 laps to find the opening. Lopez on his side returned to Bird. Bouncing! In the 31st lap, 4 drivers are penalized for excessive speed under the “FCY”. Evans, Lopez, Lotterer and Buemi. Bird is virtually second behind Di Grassi! Vergne should be 3rd.

But no ! Vergne too is penalized with a drive-through. For the moment, we have Di Grassi, Bird, Vergne, D’Ambrosio, Loterrer, Evans, Buemi. Prost makes a straight in loophole. Vergne observes his penalty. It is 12th out of points! There are only 5 laps left.

It’s a little confusion. So we have Di Grassi, Bird, D’Ambrosio, Loterrer, Evans, Buemi, Heidfeld, Lopez, Da Costa and Turvey. Vergne passes Engel and goes to get the last point, property of Turvey.

Buemi passes Evans under braking. And it’s Lopez who misses it. Vergne is in the points because Lopez leaves 12th. Definitely. Di Grassi is quiet for the win so far.

He wins, ahead of Bird and D’Ambrosio. Next Loterrer, Buemi, both at 0% battery, Heidfeld, Evans, Da Costa, Turvey and Vergne who made a double comeback. For Di Grassi, this is the first victory of the season.

In the driver classification, it’s a big mistake for Vergne this weekend. By cons for Bird is a nice close. Arrived with 40 points behind, Bird is 23 points tonight. And there remains only the double appointment of New York. Di Grassi, defending champion, takes the provisional podium. But, at 62 points of Vergne, he said goodbye to the title (although that was no doubt

In the team standings, Techeetah is 31 points ahead of Audi Sport Abt Schaeffler. Nothing is done there either. But, there is a good chance that the team of Vergne and Loterrer will be titled this year.

The next appointment is the final of this season. A double appointment in New York. If Vergne mathematically retains a great chance of being titled, he must not know a new weekend without like today. See you on July 14th and 15th

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