To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Porsche is presenting a concept announcing the arrival of a new 911 Speedster, which will enter in 2019. On the menu, a 911 GT3 chassis and mechanics, combined with a look that is as unique as ever.

This new 911 Speedster is for the moment only a concept, but Porsche announces quite clearly that it is very close to the next model series , which will enter the market “not before 2019” .

Thus, if the concept celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Züffenhausen brand , the 911 Speedster series will allow the generation 991 to say goodbye in style, leaving room for a brand new model .

Aesthetically, this concept 911 Speedster resumed of course what made the particularity of the other 911 who carried this surname before it. We find the windshield lower and more inclined than on the cabriolets, as well as the double boss in carbon behind the headrest, which covers protective hoops.

We also notice the fuel tank cap in the central position on the front cover, the 21-inch wheels with the Fuchs design, or the shell-like design of the mirrors. The silver paint with touches of white on the shield and the front fenders recalls for its part the first race cars of the brand.

While the 911 Speedster borrows its body panels overall 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet , it has front and rear hoods and carbon fiber wings. In the same spirit of gaining weight , many elements of comfort have been removed, such as air conditioning or the multimedia system. Finally, we find inside the seats bucket carbon covered with Aniline leather color “Cognac 356”.

Technically, this modern Speedster is more ambitious than its ancestors, since it takes the chassis of the 911 GT3 . As for the engine, it is probably the flat-six 4.0 of the recent GT3 RS , Porsche announcing more than 500 hp at speeds approaching 9000 r / min.

Recall that the last 911 Speedster released in 2010 took over the engine of the Carrera GTS at the time and developed 408 hp.

To top it off, this boiling mechanism is associated with a six-speed manual , as on the exclusive 911 R release in 2016. Moreover, like the latter, it is likely that the future limited series from this concept make many porschists lose their mind

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