Two weeks at the wheel of this roadster have been two weeks of fun, sporty driving and great fresh air in the early summer, but do not be too big.

This old Miata who behaves now like a Go-Kart will be able to impress you! It is true that we must reconcile in advance with its weaknesses as a vehicle for daily use. Starting with access on board, the space, the glove box, the storage spaces, the impossibility of moving the seats back, etc. Except that this car, in its entirety, makes you want to get away from work to escape to the wheel

On the styling side, the new MX-5 RF (for Retractable Fastback), features 17 “Bright Dark wheels, and body-color mirrors; my version was a beautiful blue eternal mica. The particularity of this RF, it is a hard roof, that folds partially. A device reminiscent of Targa roofs at Porsche. Closed roof, it feels like you’re riding with any conventional hardtop car.

The bucket seats provide excellent support even if we had appreciated a little more adjustment. The controls fall well under the hand, each button seems to be in its place. Electronics help with everyday driving, and while some critics criticize the over-invading electronics at Mazda, we have not had to suffer from all this sound or visual interference.

On the contrary, in the MX5, blind spot detection and other security gadgets are useful due, again, to a low center of gravity. A Yaris at a red light seemed to dominate me!

The hood encloses a small 2.0L DOHC I4 engine with 155 small edgy horses. While there is nothing impressive, but associated with a 6-speed manual gearbox extremely precise and very pleasant to handle, the Go-Kart turns into a racing car with an extremely low center of gravity (talk to my back ) and great Brembo brakes to stop the “beast”!

The fuel consumption during my test ended up in a 8.0l / 100km and needless to say that it was the last of my worries, so much the pleasure of driving was at the rendezvous. Even in quick acceleration, consumption hardly exceeded 8.2l / 100km. Equipped with a tank of 45l, the autonomy of this small car, brushed the 500km.

Once this pleasure is satisfied, you will have to make a reason and agree to pay $ 42,200 for this toy. She is not given! We agree that we can cite all the defects and catch up with all the qualities; it remains a second car that makes us pay the price expensive summer use. Dear, but oh so nice.

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