The new Peugeot 508 comes to challenge the Renault Talisman. Presentation, driving, life on board and price: what is the best French family? Answer with this comparison between the 508 BlueHDi 160 and the Talisman dCi 160.

Now that Citroën has returned his C5 to the locker room, the match Peugeot 508 Renault Talisman , it’s a bit like the “World Cup” of the French family … A sedan for the family, it changes SUV that play sold out and minivans to which the public turns their backs. Of course, the real family variations of the 508 and the Talisman, it is their variations breaks. But if the Talisman Estate is already on the ground, the new 508 SW is stepping on the sideline. It has just been introduced and will only be marketed in January 2019

But with the new 508, you do not have to wait for the SW version for the practical aspects because, big novelty for the Peugeot family, it has a hatchback. Renault went the other way: from the R16 to the Laguna, all of her family proudly displayed their tailgate. Not the Talisman.

New 508 hatchback on one side, Talisman with trunk trunk on the other: this is just the beginning of what sets them apart. In terms of style, the Peugeot has an athletic look with an aggressive face, a low profile (1.40 m) and a template collected (length of 4.75 m). Opposite, the Talisman takes its ease in length (4.85 m) and height (1.46 m), and dresses in a statutory dress whose previous large Renault was not customary. This is especially the case with the livery Initiale Paris of our test model that proudly displays its chrome, its 19-inch wheels and body with generous curves.

Opposite, our 508 test lacks cachet in this gray configuration with 18-inch black rims. Peugeot had accustomed us to more enticing with its livery GT Line , but here the sides of bodywork without real relief, the absence of chrome and the black band which bar the stern does not help the aesthetics. The new 508 makes an effort to distinguish itself, like its fleeing flag that gives it a look of coupe and its doors without window frames , a premium detail found on an Audi A5 Sportback .

Prices and engines 508 and Talisman

For this game 508 vs Talisman, we have called the 508 BlueHDi 160 GT Line which has a dual interest: its 2.0 diesel calibrated 160 hp is new and its finish GT Line will be one of the most requested. For this configuration, the price is set at € 41,200. The Talisman dCi 160 EDC6 Initiale Paris is a little more expensive: 42 800 €. But it will be seen, the details of standard equipment tilts the price advantage Renault side, and not a little. It is therefore on the driving and the atmosphere on board that the Peugeot must score points.

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