While Toyota has launched three generations of its RAV, Volkswagen has taken its time to invest the compact SUV market. The only regret the builder would not have reaped the fruits of this success sooner.

For the rest, the Tiguan was a box (nearly 90,000 copies sold in France in September 2012) from its marketing, dethroning the leader in the category, the RAV4.

Beyond the unalterable image of Volkswagen, this SUV is based on the values of the brand, namely a quality of manufacturing value , a style without darling and benefits of first. If his big brother the Touareg was developed from a blank sheet, the Tiguan tapped into the group’s organ bank.

Just look at the dashboard to understand which model has served as a standard, namely the Golf Plus. Platform, dashboard, sliding bench … are identical. As for the transmission 4Motion, it uses an electrohydraulic clutch Haldex known on the other sedans of the range.

After four years of marketing, the Tiguan has offered a slight modernization aesthetic , just to stay in the game and its sales curve is bending smoothly. The announcement of these aesthetic changes has no impact on the second hand market. With its image, the Tiguan is a safe bet, and even if there is choice in second hand, prices remain high .

Reliability: glitches and bugs recurring
It is on this chapter that the Tiguan reveals his Achilles heel. Despite the good reputation of the brand, the worries encountered are numerous.

We no longer count the various updates and reprogramming. Engine, gearbox, onboard computer, air conditioning, car radio …, few functions are spared . The engines also have their batches of failures. In the line of fire, the diesels. Clogged EGR valves and clogged particle filters are commonplace.
The differential pressure probes of the filter also lack reliability. TDIs are also prone to oil cooler problems and big turbo troubles . The latter is a fragile piece, even on TSI gasoline engines. Finally the DSG double clutch gearbox is also not a model of reliability.
At the sight of many technical notes, the purchase of a Tiguan in the network is highly recommended. This will allow to have a model having benefited from the various updates made during the passage of the vehicle to the workshop.

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