The new 508 model, Peugeot, again claims to be in the mid-range segment. Sedan with a sports coupe. Foreign journalists have all the information and have already made a test trip.

Company Peugeot wants to restore the lost reputation in the segment of cars of the middle class. His novelty, the model 508, the French, first of all, want to offer the Chinese market a larger sedan. The design is focused on the trend of 2014.

In general, the sedan of the 508th model, whose length has slightly decreased and is now 4.75 meters, differs sporting notes: this effect is achieved due to low landing and impressive protruding wings of the car.

The company “Peugeot” even characterizes this new model as a “five-door coupe-sedan”. Particularly noteworthy are the LED front and left headlight lamps, which are hidden deep in the front of the body.

Now in the center of the narrow grille radiates a lion, while the name of the model is placed at the right time on the lower edge of the hood: it reminds of its progenitor – the 504th model born in the eighties.

A high-quality GT-class car is equipped with a dual-flow exhaust system. Three-dimensional LED tail lights are built into one solid black bar.

The new model 508 is based on the EMP2 platform, which is the property of the concern, and which Peugeot already uses in models 308 and 3008.

Thanks to its use, the weight of the new model should be less than about 70 kilograms. In addition, it will improve the level of ride comfort and “obedience” in management.

The cost of the Peugeot 508 is from 31350 euros. Salon: outside – modern, inside – impractical Thanks to the small steering wheel and the digital instrument panel (“i-Cockpit”), which is installed very high, the Salon Model 508 is much inferior to competitors, and also irritates passengers with high growth.

This handsome man has such a low landing, which causes a peculiar sensation when riding. The instrumentation, which has six configuration options, can be adapted to the diverse needs of the driver, among other things, the night vision function is offered.

The widescreen screen of the infotainment system moved, in comparison with the model SUV 5008, slightly lower.

The diagonal of the touch screen, depending on the configuration, is eight or ten inches. By means of seven key switches under the screen it is possible to adjust the radio and navigation system.

The center console with the automatic transmission control lever of the unusual shape is built in very high, so that the driver and the front passenger have to admire the types of instrument panel.

In general, the 508th model due to its interior architecture is noticeably different from other mid-sized sedans.

The front panel looks cumbersome and it seems that it, like a wall, rises in front of passengers. Despite its wayward character, the Model 508 follows the fashion.

The inner mirror does not have a fringing. Let’s return to the specifics: in front with the convenience of seats and dimensions, there are no problems, and behind you will be a bit cramped, if your growth is 1.85 meters and higher.

In addition, the passengers in the rear of the cabin feel themselves, as in a dark basement with a vault. The rear body pillars restrict the view backward, The rear window between the interior trim and the headrests tapers into a very narrow slit.

The new model 508 is a combination of fashionable exterior design and impractical interior.

The instrumentation, which has six configuration options, can be adapted to a variety of needs. Completion and connectivity: night vision function in the new model 508 As a sedan of the middle class, it offers a wide range of options – from adjusting the seats with electric drive with memory and massage function (there is an AgR certificate) to the HiFi focal system and the panoramic sliding roof.

The company “Peugeot” is especially proud of the combined functions of “recovery” and relaxation, which with the help of screen, musical device and seats should cheer up or soothe the driver and front passenger.

As a monitor for an infotainment system for an additional fee, you can choose an eight-inch touch screen or, starting with the “Allure” package, a 10-inch touchscreen display. In addition, Peugeot offers digital devices (12.3 inches) for the model 508 – presumably, even in the standard version, like the 3008.

As for the auxiliary functions, here again the Peugeot car does not lag behind: for an additional fee you can purchase the night vision function (Night Vision), as well as an active lane control system, the driver fatigue warning indicator, the dynamic driving light control system, the road sign discriminator, adaptive cruise control with the Stop-and-Go function (together with an automatic transmission) and a blind zone monitoring system.

In addition, the model 508 can be equipped with a camera with a 360-degree viewing angle and a parking assistance system.

The new model 508 is equipped with a night vision device that recognizes living creatures at a distance of 200 to 250 meters. Engines and Cost: an eight-speed automatic transmission for all engines The petrol engine “PureTech” in volume of 1,6 liters is accessible in two variants: capacity of 180 or 225 horsepowers.

However, more powerful modifications of the GT-class car are specified. In addition, there is a 1.5-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 130 horsepower and a 2.0-liter diesel engine that produces 160 or 180 horsepower.

Almost all models in the standard version have an eight-speed automatic transmission. Only the basic diesel engine is available complete with a seven-speed gearbox.

All cars are equipped with a start-stop system. The starting price is 31250 euros. Almost all versions of the model 508 are equipped with an automatic transmission

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