The full name of the lot is Benz Patent Motorwagen Replika. This is an accurate and fully functional replica of the first car with ICE, built by Karl Benz in 1885 and patented on January 29, 1886. Yes, the first experimental wagons with internal combustion engines were built and up to Benz.

But his three-wheeled vehicle was the first used practically, the first commercially available and the first patented (the name of the patent: “The car running on gasoline”). Because it is considered the progenitor of a modern car, while electric cars and cars with steam engines appeared earlier.

The first four-stroke Benz engine with a working volume of 954 cm³ developed 0.9 hp, brought the rear wheels through the belt drive and chains and accelerated the 265-kilogram unit to 16 km / h, spending 10 l / 100 km.

Now, the All Time Stars division gave history lovers a rare chance: one can still buy one of several replicas of the Benz car built by the company Mercedes-Benz itself in 2001-2002, specifically this one in 2002.

Naturally, the purpose of the car is a collectible and participate in exhibitions. But why would not a new owner get an advertising run-show on the legendary route from Mannheim to Pforzheim and back?

We will add that a later version of the cart (1887-1888) received an engine with increased working volume (1045-1990 cm³) and power (1.5-3 hp).

Later versions changed the location of the cylinder (instead of horizontal it became vertical) and acquired a modified timing mechanism, as well as two gears (at first the transfer was only one, that is, it did not switch at all). But these pictures show a replica of the first version.

Such a voyage, totaling about 200 km, was completed in August 1888 by the wife of Bentz – Bert – with two teenage sons, Oygen and Richard. Benz himself before had arranged only indicative races on Mannheim, trying to attract the attention of passers-by to his invention.

Bertha proved that the car can be used for real travel. It gave impetus to the commercial side of automobilization (in 1888 Charles started selling his cars to customers).

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