The McLaren P1 is rare. The 2018 edition of the Goodwood Festival will be an opportunity to talk about it again.

Lanzante Motorsport has announced the date of the official presentation of its latest project, the McLaren P1 GT. Developed on the basis of the McLaren P1 – or even the P1 GTR – this P1-there should be unique, resulting from the order of a Middle Eastern customer. It will be unveiled at Goodwood on July 13th.

Lanzante Motorsport broadcasts an additional teasing image, the profile of the P1 GT that will feature a slender stern like the McLaren F1 longtail of the late 1990s.

Technically, this P1 GT could benefit from a higher power and a decreasing weight. The LM P1 also offered by Lanzante Motorsport was 60 kg lighter than the P1 GTR.

It remains to be seen whether this P1 GT will be reserved for the track or whether it will be homologated for road use.

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