The bicycle is a good opportunity to transport you at night, however, your caution should be greater because the visibility, both yours and that of the other actors of mobility , is complicated.

Advantages of riding a bicycle at night

  1. If your city has bike paths or special routes for bicycles, they will be freer and clearer.
  2. The traffic at night will not be as chaotic as in the day. With your bike you will find alternate routes and you will mobilize faster .
  3. As in the day, you will save money on transportation and other expenses.
  4. You will not suffer from burns on your face, neck and hands because the sun will not be your company on trips.

Disadvantages of riding a bicycle in the day

  1. If the roads are not in optimal conditions, it will be more difficult for you to see gaps and higher the probability of suffering an accident.
  2. Driving with caution and at low speed will give you more reaction options.
  3. Remember that there is less visibility because the light is less .
  4. It is important that you use additional lights on the helmet and the bike to improve visibility.
  5. If you move late at night, you will face the reluctance of some drivers to comply with traffic regulations.
  6. Respect traffic signals to avoid inconveniences.
  7. In cities where the weather is cold, night can become a problem if you do not stay warm.
  8. Currently in the market you will find clothing options for this type of climate. Acquire yours.
  9. The lack of light in some sectors can make your trip a little insecure. Try to always take safe places and with a good crowd.
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