The elements that are part of the active safety of the vehicle are responsible for maintaining control of it and perform properly actions performed by the driver in order to avoid traffic accidents. Among them are:

Brakes : Are responsible for stopping the vehicle when faced with this obstacle that prevents its circulation.

Tires: They guarantee the adherence and control of the vehicle, even in adverse weather situations. They have great responsibility in braking the vehicle and dampen the vibrations that it produces.

Suspension : Guarantees the contact of the 4 wheels with the floor. It gives stability in the exercise of driving.

Direction: It gives the driver all the necessary maneuverability to manage his vehicle efficiently.

Lighting: Provides the driver the ability to see and be seen by other drivers. Avoid traffic accidents in conditions of low or no visibility. To learn to use the lights of your vehicle.

Air conditioning: Regulates the temperature inside the car. It is an active safety element because it guarantees attention in the exercise of driving by avoiding fatigue in the driver (when the interior temperature is 5 degrees warmer than the outside it is very likely that these effects will occur in the driver of the vehicle)

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