Apply these tips to ride a bicycleindependently of the time of day in order to improve your safety and that of others:

Always use the safety equipment you need to ride a bike : helmet, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads and reflective vest. You can also use face masks to take care of the pollution and glasses that take care of your eyes.If you ride a bike at night, the lights are the best option to increase your visibility.

Install one that activates while pedaling.Road safety is important for you, pedestrians and other drivers of cars and motorcycles.

Respecting traffic signals will always be the best option.The headphones with music at high volume are not recommended.

This will affect your sense of hearing and you will not be able to hear the whistles of vehicles or directions they can give you. Remember that being with the five active senses is vital.

Driving is a responsibility that must be taken seriously. If it is about driving a motorcycle, the commitment is even greater due to the high level of risk to which you as a driver and the other mobility actors are exposed. These recommendations and clues will help you to be more careful on the road .

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