The company Volkswagen announced the recall in Russia 1174 crossovers Terramont, implemented in 2018. The reason is the incorrect description of the installation of child seats in the car’s operating instructions. Information about the service action is available on the website of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart).

Due to an inaccurate description, a situation may arise where the child restraint installed on the middle row will block and damage the locks of the seat belts of adjacent seats. For those falling under the recall of the cars, the middle locks of the seat belts on the second row will be checked.

Owners of cars, the list of VIN-numbers of which is available on the site of Rosstandart, can independently contact any Volkswagen dealership without waiting for notice. All works within the service campaign will be free of charge.

Earlier Volkswagen recalled Polo Sedan because of the towing eye, which is part of the set of on-board instrument. This part, as it turned out, is improperly welded, and as a consequence, it can break down when it is used.

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