A speed limiting device or speed limiter, also known speed governor, is a device that interacts with the vehicle engine to permit the attainment of a per-programmed maximum speed.

The benefits of SLD include:

  • Commuters enjoy safer traveling conditions.
  • It reduces occurrence of speed related Road Traffic Crashes (i.e. it saves lives and property).
  • Allows for less fuel consumption which means a reduction in greenhouse gas emission.
  • It enhances fuel-efficiency, and leads to substantial fuel saving since higher speeds are less fuel efficient.
  • Reduction of CO emissions associated with improved fuel consumption.
  • Reduction in vehicle downtime for unscheduled repair/ maintenance
  • Less chance of trained staff being lost through speed bans
  • Vehicle Speed Limiter helps to prolong vehicle tyre life and reduces wear/ tear.
  • Lower speed also cuts down vehicle maintenance cost and slows down depreciation value thus vehicle last longer.
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