At first sight, this utility vehicle does not seem more sporty than other liveries on our roads. The Porsche Macan GTS is still distinguished by a few details specific to the models that receive this name, such as the fact that, on the flanks, we can detect the three letters GTS by this sticker affixed to the black band that passes through the doors.

As with all other GTS models, several exterior elements are painted black, such as the interior of the headlights or the rear position lights which are also darkened for the occasion. Also note the rear wing that overlooks the rear window, the badges on the trunk, the exhaust and, of course, the beautiful 20-inch wheels that have trouble hiding the red calipers of disc brakes borrowed from the model Turbo.

But that’s not all, because the Macan GTS also receives help elsewhere, such as at the suspension lowered 15 mm which, when paired with the system PASM (Porsche Adaptive Suspension Management), is supposed to give more tools for the driver to negotiate the next tight corner even better.

All GTS models take root from the S model to the base and the Macan is no exception to this rule. The 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo engine from Macan S is therefore revised upwards for this special livery. The power of the block thus goes from 340 to 360 horsepower, while the optimal torque gains 30 lb-ft for a total of 369. Obviously, the gearbox PDK remains in service, this one having proven its efficiency over years, while the integral wheel is already an equipment delivered automatically on board all the utilities of the mark.

Inside, it’s the same scenario, the Macan GTS being dressed in standard sports seats, they are better supported at the level of the support. And this mix of leather and red Alcantara suede is a feast for the eye, especially when mixed with black and brushed aluminum dashboard colors. The saddlery is, as is often the case, a little hard for the buttocks, but is still comfortable for extended shipments. I was able to confirm this during a trip on the highway between Montreal and Quebec City.

The space at the rear is like the other SUV category, that is to say, acceptable, a comment that also applies to the volume of the trunk. Although smaller than the Cayenne inside, the Macan does not penalize the passengers of the second row; he deserves his utilitarian name.

Beyond all these details, it is behind the wheel that the Macan GTS shines brightly. As soon as the engine starts to roar, we immediately recognize the sound of the cars of the brand. Well, it’s true, it’s not a flat six, but an effort has certainly been made to make the musicality of this machine more inspiring than the common SUV. I also recommend the Sport button located near the gear lever.

It changes several parameters of the vehicle, starting with the exhaust system coming out of its den to remind pedestrians that you are driving a sports car with an SUV body. The suspension stiffens, ditto for the direction as precise and heavy as in other products of the brand and it’s so much better!

Even if the mechanics of the GTS are turbocharged, we do not feel the infinite breath of the turbos as aboard the Macan Turbo. The accelerations are more progressive, even if it only takes a few seconds to reach the illegality in terms of speed.

The PDK box does wonders, whether in automatic mode or when the driver decides to change itself the 7 reports of the transmission. Unsurprisingly, the driving position is a snap thanks to the multiple adjustments of the seat and the steering column.

Braking is also more aggressive than in the lower versions, the diameter of the discs being more important here. The element that surprises me even more each time I test a version of the Macan is its agility in a curve. The expanded tires help to improve this facet of the vehicle, but I must say it again, the Macan GTS behaves like a compact all-wheel-drive sports car, no less.

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