Stinger and BMW 320d xDrive are in a sense relatives: both cars rolled out of the conveyor of the Kaliningrad “Avtotor”, where they were manufactured using the method of large-head assembly. Transport tax is lower for BMW: by nine thousand a year.

Finally put Stinger against BMW, though, the third series . The fourth did not work. The only “four” we managed to find was equipped with active steering – and nothing more monstrous than this inadequate system we did not meet. They noted for the record that the elevator was noisier than Stinger , and returned where they took it. If anything, 430i all-wheel drive can be bought within 2.7 million rubles, as the most popular two-liter Stinger GT Line , but BMW equipment will be poorer.

“Treshka” is an excellent car for every day, and its driver’s qualities depend heavily on the choice of suspension. To Stinger opened for real, it needs to be dispersed on a winding path. The main trump card of Kibia liftback in this game is informality.

And for comparison with the editorial machine in the Prestige version (the second on sales), the mass sedan of the third series is much more appropriate. The two most popular versions of the 318i and 320i with weak petrol engines are not considered. But the next most popular (with a huge margin from others) 320d xDrive – the most that neither is a competitor. For the 2.4 million dollars we spent, you can buy a car in a decent package, developing an impressive 400 N • m.

Inside the comparative compactness of “treshki” reminds only a noticeably smaller width of the cabin.

The luxury trim line does not include seats with developed lateral support by default. They are in the free version of the Sport Line or available as an option. Driving modes are changed by the keys near the lever. At BMW, unlike Stinger, the stabilization system is turned off.

According to Reislogic, BMW with a couple of people in the cabin can easily gain 100 km / h in 7.3 seconds. Stinger is heavier and, losing in traction, produces on the same section of the ordinary road 7.2 s. Objectively, the result of Kia is not bad. Would put the manufacturer something similar in the passport data, no one would complain. The machine is very dynamic, but the “treshka” still liked the settings of the power unit. Managing traction is more convenient, the actions of the engine and the machine are better coordinated.

The chairs in Stinger are not worse, and besides are equipped with ventilation. However, Kia does not allow tall people to get behind the wheel as conveniently as BMW, due to the inadequate range of steering wheel adjustment on the fly.

To adequately assess the performance of the chassis, I had to go over several BMW cars with different suspension options. On the usual – “treshka” is not such a driver, as Stinger. He is still very expressive at high speeds. But BMW qualitatively rounds irregularities, although it is not necessary to talk about overall superiority in comfort. In the sedan less external noise, but also obsessive tires, and aerodynamic rustling is present even on a small move.

The podzazhataya M-suspension is available as an option for 93 600 rubles or in the package M Sport Professional for 125 thousand, together with more powerful brakes (separately – 59 500 rubles) and adaptive steering. It is because of the last paragraph that we do not recommend a package proposal.

If you use a digital speedometer, Stinger devices are more convenient. In addition, some of the readings are duplicated on the windshield. For fans of arrows the BMW panel is close to ideal. Note that the scale of the tachometer in the “treshka” is traditionally on the right.

And in this performance the sedan is still comfortable. It is only a little bit noisier and vibration-loaded than a car with an uncontrolled suspension. The chassis can sail on a pit with sharp edges due to a lack of power, but in most cases is worthy of holding onto a bad road, even despite the low-profile Run Flat. Stinger can not boast of such concentration, although it is already noticeably quieter.

The wheelbase of the third series sedan (2810 mm) is almost ten centimeters shorter than that of Stinger. Despite this, BMW has no less legroom for rear passengers with the growth of 182 cm, I have about the same margin on the knees in both cars – about 15 cm. But Stinger has less room above his head due to the sloping roof.

Passengers are more relaxed in the sedan of the third series. In reserve over his head he surpasses both the Stinger and the Quartet. The window is also better to watch from the “treshka”. But the landing on the couch is more vertical than in Stinger, the sofa is harder, and the back rest is less orthopedic. In Kia, the roof is as close as in the “four” – and there and there the riders pay for the fast silhouette.

According to the size of the trunk (406 liters) Stinger plays and sedan, and lift the BMW, where the 480 liters. However, only a repair kit is provided for them, and a dock is kept under the Kia floor. The Germans do not provide data on the available space with the folded back couch in the “treshke”, but it is known that in the fourth series due to the transformation, the volume grows to 1300 liters against 1114 liters in Stinger …

Intricate diffuser and a pair of “double-barrels” of the exhaust system did not make Stinger twice as fast as “treshki.” But for him it is more interesting to move in a stream – there is an eye, for what to get hooked.

Everywhere “in the base” – LED-headlights. But only to the Stinger optics we have no complaints (especially after the recent adjustment), and BMW shines too absently.

For the price of our not very expensive Stinger BMW can offer no less comfort, a higher perceived quality and – an important moment – a prestigious emblem on the hood. Stinger for a comparable money is better equipped: here and conventionally keyless access, and the projector on the windshield, and ventilated chairs, and a separate climatic zone behind. Something of this can not be ordered at all in the BMWs discussed, which are worn out by the old platform.

“Troshka” ahead: in the first half of 2018 sold 2036 cars (not counting the GT ) against 711 Stingers. But the success of diesel sedans 320d is more modest – 539 pieces. Of these, 352 all-wheel drive. There are only 40 “fours”: 17 versions of 420d xDrive and 16 versions of 430i xDrive.

In motion, the deserved cart does not prevent the “treshka” from being more universal than Stinger, who can not boast of integrity on a bad road. But to kayfanut as behind the wheel of Kia in adrenaline mode, you need to retrofit the BMW adaptive chassis. Sedans in this configuration are rarely found in stock, and collecting cars for themselves, will have to deal with inhuman recommended prices. How can I not remember that for two and a half million dealers already have “five”

Passport data

Model Kia Stinger 2.0 Prestige AWD BMW 320d xDrive
Body type elevatorback sedan
Number of doors / seats 5/5 4/5
Length, mm 4830 4633
Width, mm 1870 1811
Height, mm 1400 1434
Wheelbase, mm 2905 2810
Track front / rear, mm 1647/1619 1542/1582
The equipped weight DIN, kg 1782 1610
Gross vehicle weight, kg 2250 2110
Luggage space, l 406-1114 480
A type gasoline with direct fuel injection and turbocharging turbodiesel
Location: front, longitudinally front, longitudinally
Number and arrangement of cylinders 4, in a row 4, in a row
Number of valves 16 16
Working volume, cm³ 1998 1995
Max. power, hp / rev / min 247/6200 190/4000
Max. torque, N • m / rev / min 353 / 1400-4000 400 / 1750-2500
Transmission automatic, eight-step automatic, eight-step
Drive unit full plug-in full
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension independent, spring, multi-link independent, spring, multi-link
Front brakes disk ventilated disk ventilated
Rear brakes disk ventilated disk ventilated
Tires front 225/45 R18 225/50 R17
Tires rear 225/45 R18 225/50 R17
Ground clearance, mm 150 145
Operational characteristics
Maximum speed, km / h 240 228
Acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h, s 6.0 7.3
Fuel consumption, l / 100 km
– urban cycle 12.7 5.1
– suburban cycle 7.2 3.8
– mixed cycle 9.2 4.3
Toxicity rate Euro-5 Euro-5
Fuel tank capacity, l 60 57
Fuel AI-95-98 diesel fuel


Basic equipment Kia Stinger 2.0 Prestige AWD BMW 320d xDrive
Front airbags + +
Side airbags + +
Inflatable “curtains” + +
Isofix child seat mounting + +
Driver’s knee airbag +
ABS + +
Dynamic Stability Control + +
Traction control +
Automatic transmission + +
Start / stop system +
Power Steering + +
Active Steering +
LED headlights + +
Fog lights +
Tire pressure monitoring + +
Rain sensor + +
Light sensor + +
Parking sensors front and rear +
Parking sensors rear +
On-board computer + +
Cruise control +
Two-zone climate control +
Three-zone climate control +
Access to the salon without a key +
Multifunctional steering wheel + +
Heated Steering Wheel +
Steering column with angle and tilt adjustment + +
Exterior rear view mirrors with heating and electric drive +
Electrochromic interior mirror + +
Adjusting the front seats in height + +
Power Adjustable Seats +
Heated front seats +
Heated front and rear seats +
Ventilation of front seats +
CD-radio with MP3 support +
Navigation system +
Integrated Bluetooth-system hands free +
Rear View Camera +
Trunk lid actuator +
Leather trim +
Light alloy wheels + +
Run Flat Tires +
Additional equipment Kia Stinger 2.0 Prestige AWD
Rubber mats 4000
Additional equipment BMW 320d xDrive
Line Luxury Line 136 300
17 “Light-alloy wheels Multi-spoke 414
Leather Dakota “Cognac” with brown accents
Decorative wood finishes Fineline “Anthracite” with accent inserts “Pearl Chrome”
Sport Leather Steering Wheel
Servotronic 8,500
Steering wheel heating 16 200
Parking alarm signaling (front and rear) 58,700
Navigation System Professional 170 200
Dashboard with advanced features 12,700
BMW ConnectedDrive Service Package 59,500
The price of basic equipment, rubles 2 429 000 2 530 000
The price of the tested car, rubles 2 433 000 2 992 100
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