Two new ratings for EuroNCAP this summer 2018. The Ford Focus and the Volvo XC40 both score 5 stars with fairly close ratings.

The Volvo XC40 wins a superb note in adult protection. Note, however, a chest level alert of the rear passenger. But, it’s green almost everywhere. As a bonus, the AEB city receives 4 out of 4 points.

As for child protection, it is also a “no fault”. 43 points, like the Ford Focus. In pedestrian protection, the front and center of the hood are “welcoming”.

But there is still a significant impact at the level of lighthouses. The Focus takes more points on this post for example. But Volvo is also technological and AEB type pedestrian and cyclist type work well. They improve the note.

In safety aids, it is also good with the limiter / regulator, the reading of the speed panels, the recall of buckling of the belts.

But there is also assistance to maintain the track even if the EuroNCAP does not find it most effective in its mode of maintenance forced into the track. With the inter-urban AEB, the Volvo gets 76% and 5 stars.

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