Serena NISMO (Nismo), a high-performance version of Nissan’s popular minivan new Serena, is on sale from November 21. Serena NISMO (Nismo) is a custom model of Serena that was released last year. It is a complete car developed by “NISMO” which is the sports division of Nissan. In 18 years full hybrid model Serena e-power is also on sale

The NISMO version appears in Nissan ‘s popular minivan Serena.

It is Serena who made a full model change in 2016, and furthermore, at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2017 , Serena NISMO (Nismo) was released.

NISMO is a common name of Nissan Motorsport International Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of Nissan.

He is in charge of the motor sports division in Nissan and participates in motor sports, while making full use of his experiences cultivated in that race, it deals with the manufacture and sale of parts for commercial cars, customized in order.

Also, what NISMO sells as a “NISMO specification” a complete car that tune up the total for Nissan cars using custom parts.

The base car adopts Serena’s Highway Star.

Although the running performance is certain, of course, since it uses a special design bolt front bumper, it is also recommended for those who want to stick to cars more, or those who want to bring out stylish personality.

If it is very roughly expressed, is it senior grade of Serena that sticks to running and sportiness?

Body color is 7 colors to choose.

4 types of 2 tone color.
The single color is three colors: brilliant white pearl, diamond black, dark metal gray.

A total of 4 types of dark metal gray and 2 tone color 3 colors are set for NISMO (Nismo) exclusive color.

Since Serena NISMO (Nismo) does not have the lineup of blue and brown series, if you want these colors, please also look at Serena.

Nissan’s official website does not mention the fuel consumption of Serena NISMO.

For reference, Serena’s JC 08 mode fuel consumption is cited.

Selena: JC 08 mode fuel consumption 15.0 (gasoline) km / L 15.0 ~ 17.2 (hybrid model) km / L

” Serena e-POWER” equipped with the new generation electric powertrain “e-POWER” first loaded in “notebook” is scheduled to appear in the spring of 2018.

Serena’s spacious interior space, ease of use and good ride quality remain the same.

It delivers pleasure of motor drive, excellent fuel economy performance, high quietness beyond class.

It is characteristic of blue accent which can be said as a symbol of e-POWER to the front grill. Adopting exterior parts such as exclusive LED tail lamps and exclusive aluminum wheels designed for superior aerodynamic characteristics, it has become a design full of innovation. Blue accents also in the interior.

By adopting the captain seat for the second row seat, we have both comfort and space to spare.

【Nissan New Serena NISMO (Nismo)】 Spec table
Body size (total length × full width × total height) 4,805 × 1,740 × 1,850 mm (Wheel base: 2,860 mm)
Indoor dimensions (indoor length × indoor width × indoor height) 3, 170 × 1,545 × 1,400 mm
Maximum riding capacity 8 persons
Vehicle weight 2,160 kg
Engine type DOHC direct in-cylinder fuel injection in-line 4 cylinder
Engine maximum output (kW (PS) / rpm) 110 kW (150 PS) / 6000 rpm
Engine maximum torque (N · m / rpm) 200 N · m (20.4 kgf · m) / 4400 rpm
tank capacity 55 L
Drive system Front wheel drive
Motor maximum output 1.9 kW (2.6 PS)
Motor maximum torque 48 N · m (4.9 kgf · m)
transmission XTRONIC CVT (continuously variable transmission)
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