Nissan Motor announced that it will release Nissan “Reef NISMO” (Nissan Leaf NISMO), which is the seventh of the high-performance sports brand “NISMO Road Car” from July 31.

NISMO road car will be the seventh car type at this leaf

NISMO road car is a factory custom car that guarantees the reliability and durability by Nissan genuine quality by feeding feedback on exercise performance and styling obtained from motor sports activities.

Currently, in Japan, we are deploying a total of 6 models including “Juke”, “GT-R”, “Fairlady Z”, “Serena”, “Note” and “March”.

NISMO (Nismo) is a common name of Nissan Motorsport International Corporation, a consolidated subsidiary of Nissan.

He is in charge of the motor sports division in Nissan and participates in motor sports, while making full use of his experiences cultivated in that race, it deals with the manufacture and sale of parts for commercial cars, customized in order.

Also, what NISMO sells as a “NISMO specification” a complete car that tune up the total for Nissan cars using custom parts.

As mentioned above, the NISMO Road Car was equipped with a lineup of 6 models including Notes, Juke and so on.

Nissan Reef NISMO adopted “layered double wing” which is a feature of the NISMO road car series, improving the downforce without deteriorating the Cd value.

We realized a stylish exterior design with low center of gravity and fearlessness.

Also at the foot, adopted a sporty design NISMO exclusive 18-inch aluminum wheel.

It realizes large diameter and light weight, and further reduces air resistance flowing on the wheel surface.

Body color includes a total of 9 types including silver / black 2 tones, gray / black 2 tone NISMO exclusive colors.

In the interior, we treat red accents like NISMO’s iconic color such as red center mark of three spoke steering wheel dedicated to NISMO everywhere and produce sportiness.

In addition, the instrument panel adopts a dedicated carbon tone finisher and finished in a stylish design such as applying gun meta chrome decoration to the dedicated electric shift shift.

In the suspension, we adopted a dedicated suspension that is compatible with exclusive 18-inch high grip tires, riding comfort and steering stability performance, and realized the driver’s intentional driving.

Furthermore, it adopts electric power steering with exclusive tuning and intelligent trace control (cornering stability improvement system) and demonstrates high stability and line traceability in the scene where turning back of the steering occurs such as lane change and S character corner To do.

In addition, it has a dedicated tuned computer (VCM), and realizes a powerful and agile accelerator response.

You can feel a comfortable driving feeling in urban areas and winding roads.

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