The Czech manufacturer Skoda, a subsidiary of the VW group, has announced a $ 1.5 million investment in Israeli start-up Anagog.

The latter specializes in artificial intelligence designed to analyze and forecast the needs of drivers using data from their mobile phones. Its technology is already used by a hundred different smartphone applications.

Bernhard Maier, CEO of Skoda, said on this occasion that through this investment called “strategic” the manufacturer wanted to expand its expertise and access to new technologies. According to him, artificial intelligence plays an important role in the field of mobility.

Currently visiting Israel, the leader said the operation was a step in the evolution of the business from a carmaker business to that of a global provider of transportation services.

Anagog CEO, Ofer Tziperman, is proud to have the opportunity to work with a partner as strong as Skoda. Stating that they wanted to develop new digital solutions together.

Skoda intends to use the products developed by the start-up to expand its range of digital mobility services. The technologies developed by Anagog analyze sensor data installed on smartphones and use them to create displacement models.

Bernhard Maier also said that Skoda was in contact with four other Israeli companies in order to establish partnerships, adding that the manufacturer was particularly interested in the country’s innovation in cybersecurity. .

Other Anagog investors include Skoda’s sister company Porsche and Daimler.

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