If you travel regularly by plane, surely one of the problems you face most often is what you can do with the car, once you have arrived at the airport. The price of long-stay places and the safety of the car are two of the main challenges to be solved by any driver.

Save in the parking
Undoubtedly, the most comfortable option to take a plane is to use our own car, and not have to depend on the schedules or routes of public transport. This represents an important logistics challenge, since the most usual thing is that we do not have anyone to take the car home, and we must leave it in the airport parking lot, paying high fees.

In some cities we find a parking service that allows us to leave the car in another nearby and cheaper parking and, at the same time, offers a transfer service from the traveler to the airport.

If we do not have the transfer service we can also book a parking space in a nearby space, and make the trip to the airport by taxi. In this way, we will save money and we will also have the peace of mind that we should not worry about looking for parking at the last moment.

Security, fundamental
Choose the parking place that we choose, it is basic that we prioritize the safety of the facilities. Our vehicle will be days without moving, so we need a covered parking, in a paved area and that has surveillance service, police license and insurance for all risks for vehicles. In this way, we will have the greatest safety guarantees for our car.

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