5 steps to legally solve a car accident
A car accident can have important consequences for the driver, both physically and legally. If we have a car accident, we must start by seeking the necessary medical attention for the injured and, then, follow 5 basic steps that help us solve the whole legal and bureaucratic process that involves a traffic accident.

Having legal advice is essential so that all the processing of the accident is carried out correctly. In addition, we must always request the corresponding police report and get witnesses of what happened, to help us corroborate our version.

The 5 essential steps in a car accident

1. Correctly signaling the area

If you have had a car accident, start by leaving the vehicle and putting on your reflective vest, so that the rest of the drivers can see you. You must also place the triangles of signaling to show the location of the car, and that the rest of vehicles can be braking before reaching your height.

2. Attend to the wounded

If someone has been injured in the incident, no matter how minor, it must be attended immediately by the emergency service. Call 112 and warn of the situation of people with injuries to get an ambulance as soon as possible.

3. Notify the police

In case of accident, it is essential to have a police report describing what happened. Call the police and request that a patrol go to the scene to collect a report.

4. Collect all the information

To make the accident part you will need all the information you can collect, from the registration of the cars involved to the data of the witnesses, so you can easily locate them.

5. Fill in the friendly part of accidents

If the two drivers involved in the accident agree on what happened, it is time for you to fill out the accident friendly part to send it to your insurance company

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