Many drivers are afraid to leave the car parked on the street, because it does not have the protection of a private garage. The truth is that inclement weather and thieves are two of the main dangers that we face when we decide to park on the street.

Tips for parking on the street

Winter, and cold and rain, can significantly damage the car’s liquids, such as lubricants, brake fluid and coolant.

Also winter weather can damage the windshield wiper material and the car battery. Therefore, we will always have to check your status periodically to avoid having any problem in driving.

Likewise, we can not forget the tires, which are affected a lot by the temperature fluctuations that winter implies.

On the other hand, the heat of summer can also affect the paint and the plastic elements of the car. Using sunshades and covers is recommended to avoid this.

In addition, we must be careful not to park under the trees, since pollen, resin and the remains of birds can affect the body.

With these simple practical tips, we will avoid that the wear of the car and some of its parts is much greater than it should be based on the time the vehicle has.

Avoid thefts
If we have no choice but to park on the street, it is also important that we take precautions to prevent theft in our vehicle.

Avoid parking in solitary or dark places and do not leave belongings inside is a basic recommendation to prevent theft. Also, we can install an anti-theft device to deter potential thieves.

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