When rainy season comes, with bad weather, driving becomes more complicated. Also, at nightfall before, many times we will drive with more limited conditions of visibility. That is why we need our vehicle to be ready to respond to any unforeseen problems with the maintenance of the perfect car.

Check your tires
To avoid the risk of aquaplaning and losing control of the vehicle, we must review the drawings and tire pressure. You must make sure that the drawings are about 2mm deep so that they drain the water correctly and that the tires have the pressure recommended by the manufacturer to guarantee the grip.

Change the windscreen wiper blades
A brush in poor condition will not perform its water sweeping function correctly, so that your visibility in case of rain will not be optimal. Its cost is not very high with what is worth changing every year, since it is an element that suffers a great wear.

Check the lights
On many occasions in winter, we have to face driving without the light of day , so that the lights play a key role for safe driving. Verify that all pilots work and that their are properly regulated. We must see the road correctly but without dazzling the cars in front of us or going in the opposite direction.

Prevent your glasses from fogging
In winter, the heating of the car not only helps us to drive more comfortable. It also has a system that prevents the crystals from fogging . Confirm that the entire air conditioning system works correctly. Do not forget to check also the air conditioning, it can be a very useful tool to remove the fog quickly.

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