Today in the morning, unofficial photos of the new Russian sedan Aurus Senat were published . Now there were branded photo models outside and inside – they are posted on

The pictures reveal Aurus’s showroom not in all details, but there are no other good photos yet. The front panel has a “horizontal” architecture and a general visor for the digital instrument cluster and multimedia system display. The handlebars are double-spoke, multifunctional. Natural materials – leather and wood are used in decoration. Part of the buttons, ventilation ventilators, door handles are made of cast aluminum. The front panel of the saloon will be common for all vehicles of the family, including the Arsenal minibus and the Komendant SUV.

Earlier it was reported that the multimedia system of Aurus cars does not have the function of synchronization with smartphones. This is done in order to eliminate the risk of data leakage when the phone is connected. The decision is dictated by the requirements of the Federal Security Service (FSO), which will become the main customer of Aurusov.

Aurus cars were created in the project institute of NAMI in the framework of the project “Unified modular platform” (“Tuple”). All Auruses are equipped with a 4.4-liter petrol V8 with a capacity of 598 hp, a 9-speed automatic transmission, a built-in electric motor between them and a four-wheel drive. For the limousine was prepared 6.6-liter V12, but to complete its development on time did not have time. In its entirety, the family will include a sedan, a limousine (conventional and armored), an Arsenal minibus and an off-road Komendant. Machines will be produced not only for state agencies, but also for the civilian market.

As the press service of the brand Aurus informs, only two models from the family – Senat and Senat limousine – debut at the Moscow International Motor Show at the end of August. Minibus Arsenal and SUV Komendant at the show will not show.

See more photos below

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